BARBARA BERLUSCONI: “the new head-quarters will be an attraction site for all”

MILAN – Milan’s CEO and Vice-President Barbara Berlusconi has given an exclusive interview to football magazine FourFourTwo Italia. Here is an extract from her interview:Speaking about plans for a new stadium, she had the following to say: "I can confirm that we’re looking into the possibility of alternative sites to the San Siro. However, no decision has been made because it is a complicated matter. It will take further evaluations which will be done in the coming days with my closest associates.”There are also other plans in addition to a new stadium: "A Milan museum is just a single part of the project which is already underway and strongly desired. Firstly, Milan has recently moved to a new building. Our offices are now modern and designed by the renowned Italian designer Fabio Novembre. However, the new head-quarters will be an attraction site for all, Italians and those from abroad, that want to visit us. In addition to the museum, we’ll also have a club-shop and restaurant. All under the banner of innovation and design. A place that will allow our fans to be in contact every day with Milan.”