Mazzarri: “Little to be said, we’ll solve our problems”

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FLORENCE – Walter Mazzarri was naturally not a happy man after Inter registered a second consecutive Serie A defeat away to Fiorentina this evening.

Speaking to the media after the match, he explained: “There’s not much to say at the moment. I’ve already spoken to the lads because lots of them will be heading off on international duty now. We just need to get our heads down and work on the problems we have. I’ve told them what I needed to say. We’re all angry about the result and the way the match went. I’m confident we’ll pick ourselves up again soon but we do need to work hard to solve our problems as quickly as possible.

“We thought certain problems could be overcome with a psychological shake-up but that proved not to be the case.

“Is it a partly a fitness issue? I knew we weren’t all that fresh. That’s another reason for us to train really well over the next fortnight even if we’ll be missing our international players.”

Is there a problem at a structural level? “No, it’s not about the formation. We changed ours mid-game today. After conceding two goals in a certain way and a third in another way I wouldn’t say it’s about tactics or a lack of ideas on the pitch. Up until the Cagliari game we’d been playing well but whatever I say today will be wrong. I don’t want to trot out excuses but the lads know. The less I say the better.”

Mazzarri concluded by discussing Palacio’s involvement: “It’s not easy to use players if they’re not fully fit. He’s coming off a long spell on the sidelines with a serious injury so it’s only natural that he should feature less. Medel is another important player and he’s not in great shape either. Like Rodrigo he’s come here after a busy World Cup. Fortunately we’ve only played six league games. We’re looking forward.”