Massimo Moratti on Sky’s ‘I Signori del calcio’

MILAN – This evening
at 20:00, honorary president Massimo Moratti will be a guest on the Sky Sport
I Signori del calcio.

"I still haven’t
fully explored my feelings on it. I profoundly believe it’s right to hand over
the job after so much time," responded the president to Giorgio Porrá when
asked if he feels a kind of relief after having sold Inter, and if it had
become somewhat of a sentence to him.

He continued: "It
calms down the atmosphere a bit. Thohir is relatively intimidated. He likes the
atmosphere he’s found himself in and is aware of the weight the club’s popularity
brings, which is greater than you could ever imagine when you’re on the

"Now I’ll be able to go to the stadium and just be a fan. During the game
you forget what you are in that moment. Certain TV shots have caught me doing
things that aren’t exactly becoming of a president. However, the games are great
because you follow them so passionately. When you’re quiet for the entire 90
minutes it’s because you’re terrified, but sometimes it’s also nice to let off