Inter Forever preparing for Hubei

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WUHAN – The morning passed quickly with a warm-up that Francesco Toldo took part in with many Chinese, practising their Tai Chi on the banks of the lake, and a visit to the city, a must for anyone that comes to Wuhan. By mid-morning the group was at Yellow Crane Tower, confronted by a culture that is growing day by day while at the same time remaining tied to its age-old traditions. In addition to visiting the National Museum, the Inter Forever group also took in other beautiful and historic landmarks of the city.

In the evening there was a training session in the gym, with spinning, aerobics, sprints and strength work. When the evening came around it was time for a gala dinner for charity. The objective? To raise funds for the city’s youth associations: one more reason to celebrate the blue and black. 

Tomorrow a workout is scheduled for the pitch – the opponents are taking this clash quite seriously, and Inter Forever want to be prepared.