Handanovic: “I see my future only at Inter”

APPIANO GENTILE – Always the man to stand up and be counted, win or lose, Samir Handanovic spoke to Sky Italia today about how things are going at Inter in the wake of Saturday’s victory over Fiorentina.

He explained: "It doesn’t mean anything yet. Like any win it’s a boost for morale but it doesn’t mean anything. It has made a bit of a difference, but not a lot for me personally."

Speaking of boosting morale, that’s what Hernanes’ arrival has done too, isn’t it? "Definitely. Whenever a new player comes it always brings a bit of extra enthusiasm, although it’s more on the outside than from within because we just keep getting on with our jobs."

The Nerazzurri shotstopper was asked to comment on Cuadrado’s goal last weekend. "Actually I don’t think there’s a lot to say. I don’t need to comment on it. I’m happy with my overall performance, sometimes the odd mistake can happen. I accept it as I do all the goals I’ve conceded but I don’t spend much time looking back. My thoughts are already on the next game."

Is third place just a pipedream or still possible? "Hopefully it’s a dream that can become reality. Advice for Mauro Icardi? I don’t like to hand out advice. All I have to say to him is to keep scoring like he did last Saturday."

The Slovene was then quizzed about Inter’s defence and the 28 goals conceded. He said: "If I’m looking at things from the keeper’s point of view, the number of goals conceded is always too high, but I’m happy playing with a back three – I was used to that at Udinese too. I enjoy working with Mazzarri. The main thing is that everyone is professional, works hard for the team and does what the coach says."

The interview ended with the Nerazzurri No.1 asked to comment on transfer rumours. Would Vidic joining the club be a major reinforcement? "I don’t know him personally but I think his career speaks for itself. He would strengthen us yes, but I can’t talk about players who aren’t at Inter."

What about the interest Barcelona showed in Handanovic himself? "Do I find it flattering? I think any player would be honoured, but in any case it’s in the past and I’m happy here." To make sure the message was loud and clear, he stressed the point further when asked where he sees himself in the future. "I only see myself at Inter. Nowhere but Inter."