From harsh realities to games on the pitch

BUENOS AIRES – Just a few days ago the Inter Campus staff returned from
their visit to the Pupi Foundation.

For over ten years now, the charity organisation founded by captain
Zanetti and his wife Paula has been supporting social and educational
development for children and adolescents living in the difficult conditions of
the La Traza Remedios de Escalada neighbourhood (on the outskirts of Buenos
Aires, Argentina).

The neighbourhood is lacking in all the essential services and the
houses are falling apart, while he majority of problems are related to
widespread poverty, drug use and trafficking, and domestic violence.

Thanks to the Pupi Foundation, the children can receive a meal, do their
homework and take part in many recreational and educational activities that
allow them to make constructive and healthy use of their time.

With this context in mind, Inter Campus is contributing by providing the
children with useful tools and teaching them not only the rules of football but
also rules for life, instrumental in helping them face the difficult situation
in which they live.

Thanks to the passion for football, which is more than abundant in this
part of the world, it continues to become easier to transfer the values of the
pitch to the context of daily life. This task is carried out thanks to the
crucial role of local coaches and instructors Matías, Ezequiel, Santiago and
Julián. During our visit they followed the technical and educational programme proposed
by Inter Campus coaches Gabriele Raspelli and Roberto Picardi.

In an atmosphere of such enthusiastic participation, this important
exchange of information and solutions was certainly a positive note, with the aim
of improving the children’s future as they bring serenity to their everyday lives.