D’Ambrosio: “Tonight’s game, a bitter pill to swallow”

LIVORNO – It was Danilo D’Ambrosio‘s turn to give his thoughts to Inter Channel on tonight’s match against Livorno. “Tonight’s match is a bitter pill to swallow. We knew it was a tricky place to come to because Livorno are trying stay up. They are very physical but we started the game on the right foot, scoring twice and going close to a third in the second half. Then a bit of naivety and us switching off allowed them to score two. We need to be meaner to get to the 95th minute and claim the points.

“We had a lot of the ball? The sides we come up against sit very deep so it’s obvious we see more of the ball. We need to take more chances when we get in front of goal, sometimes we score and on other occasions we need more of a cutting edge. I had a chance too? That’s right, but I’ve not watched it back. The ball skidded up at me on the greasy top but I definitely could have done better.”