Cerrone: “We need to give ourselves a lift”

MILAN – Nerazzurri Primavera coach Salvatore Cerrone gave his thoughts to Inter Channel following this afternoon’s 1-1 draw with Pescara.

"We’re disappointed, myself as much as anyone, because we wanted to play a different game today. This is a rather strange period we’re going through. It’s a month and a half now that nothing seems to be going for us. We have to pick ourselves up and get back to doing what we were up until 21 December. We haven’t looked ourselves since then.

"It’s a shame because this team is certainly capable of producing good football. We all need to give ourselves a lift and come through this. We weren’t able to do that today but next week we have an extremely difficult test against Atalanta, who are yet to lose this season. An unbeaten team is a huge incentive for us, so hopefully it can provide us with the spark to get going again.

"At the start of the game I told the lads not to be afraid of the ball, to play calmly. We have to work on the mental side of our game, try to relax and not be afraid of making mistakes. And we need to find some consistency. We haven’t lost anything by drawing today but we do need to play better.

"It’s probably a question of confidence because the effort’s not lacking. As I said, we have to keep working together and we’ll come through this period."