Cambiasso: “Everything that could go wrong did”

NAPLES – "It was a game we played well despite the errors we made against a team like Napoli that you end up paying for. Then everything that could go wrong did: the key moments, during which you can turn the match your way – thanks in part to your opponents’ mistakes – all went in their favour." This is what Esteban Cambiasso had to say to Inter Channel after tonight’s game against Napoli.

"Was this Inter’s best performance in Naples? The idea that Inter showed today is that we want to run the game wherever we go. Obviously there’s regret because we go away with a defeat, but it’s also true that we produced some positives. We improved significantly on a number of things compared with our previous matches in which we didn’t pick up the points we should have and we were angry about what we could have done. Given how we performed today and the quality of the side we were up against, we’re a bit calmer than we were in previous games.

"The derby next Sunday? Sadly we won’t have Ricky Alvarez who was sent off and we’ll miss him. We know what this match means for every Inter fan, we know it’s a special game and that the league table doesn’t matter. We hope to get the three points which are important for our progress and because it’s always important to win a game like that.

"What did the referee say before the sending off? I’m still wondering more about what he did rather than think about what he said. We’re disappointed: I can’t figure out if we’re just unlucky with him or he’s unlucky with us. All the previous games in my mind are negative and he will have realised that too: I remember the handcuffs, I remember the Juventus game away, the Roma match at home, plus today’s. It’s a negative situation for both parties: he sees our shirt and he’s not able to perform particularly well, and sadly things always go badly for us with him.

"There was perhaps a refereeing mistake in the first half involving Palacio? We saw it and we were penalised by the fact he didn’t give us a penalty. But we’re quite used to that because we don’t even expect them. On top of that to give it as a foul to the opposition… But these decisions come more naturally because they’re easier. Just like for a player there’s greater responsibility in taking a penalty, for a referee there’s more responsibility in giving a penalty than a foul against the attacking team."