Ausilio: “Masters of our own destiny”

GENOA – Before the kick-off of Sampdoria v Inter, the Nerazzurri’s sporting director Piero Ausilio gave a few statements to Sky Sport Italia.
Here are his words:
"Inter can only think match by match. Each game brings its own potential dangers – even the ones in which you think there might be fewer. We have 6 very tough matches against teams that all want to finish well. Even Sampdoria, who might seem less motivated when you look at the standings, have prepared well and we know a battle-hardened team is waiting here for us."
"Will Mazzarri’s idea of a 4-man defence influence our transfer market decisions? We already have 3 full-backs who can do well in a 4-man defence. The players we have can play in either system. When you’re a professional at this level you have to be able to do these things. 
"Mihajlovic? I don’t follow coaches. The one we have is great for us and we’re keeping him. We’re looking to move forward and build with him.
"The only thing I consider to be an advantage in the remainder of our schedule is that it all depends on us. We’re the masters of our own destiny. We can’t follow the other teams – we just have to think of earning three points match by match. The players want to prove something and the goals is to qualify for Europe in any way we can."