(IN THE PHOTO: Cristian Zapata in training)MILAN – Milan and Colombia defender Cristian Zapata spoke exclusively to the Milan Channel earlier on today from the Omni Hotel in Charlotte, USA. This is what he had to say starting with his World Cup adventure in Brazil:"I’m happy with what we did at the World Cup. It was a unique satisfaction. I’m happy for what we achieved in Brazil. When I played I felt like I had a lot of responsibility. I definitely did all I could to make myself ready. I was motivated, focused and it went really well. I’m satisfied with how I did at the World Cup and happy for Colombia and the entire staff.Last year when the new coach arrived I was injured. Before that though I was playing. When I came back my team-mates were playing well, but I’ve always worked to make myself available when needed. The World Cup has given me renewed motivation. I can’t wait to start this season, hoping that things go better.We have to give everything to finish as high as possible and amongst the top three in the league table. We’re working to create a united group out on the pitch. The coach is working on this and we still have one month to try and arrive ready at the start of the season. The coach is honest and he says things to your face which is the most important thing. He is giving everybody a lot of confidence and this is a positive thing.The coach knows me and he wants me to train like I always do and work well. I’m pleased, motivated to be here and to have a great season. Let’s hope we have fun.We have different qualities in defence and there are different characteristics amongst us. All of this will be of great satisfaction in the future. I really care about the Milan shirt. Milan is everything. It’s a great side and this year we will try and take Milan as high as possible."