MILANELLO – Clarence Seedorf from the Claudio Lippi press room in the Milanello sports centre.
"The presence and the support of the President is very important and was very punctual too. The intentions are to improve the present and the future. The environment here always needs his support. I would like a more tranquil atmosphere for the players but there have been attempts to create controversy and also very slanted judgments have been made. Someone who has only been here a month cannot be the subject of these things and it’s something I’ve never seen in all my years in football. It’s disappointing as Milan is an important club for Italy and deserves respect. I ask the players to stick together and to show fighting spirit to get out of the difficult situation that we find ourselves in. We need courage, strength and a lot of work and that’s what the players are showing. Great goals come as a result of the belief that we have in what we’re doing. We have to be patient and we’ll see the team grow even more. The things I read and I see are the same as when I started as a player only that now I have the responsibility to build something important as well as representing the club in the best way possible. These are very normal things and the players who want to go to the World Cup will be very motivated to do well and carve out some space on the team to show the coach that they’re the right players. We’re all very united and I think the President has shown that as well. The relationship with Adriano Galliani is great, we talk about the present but we’re always thinking of the future. The team needs the tranquility to work well and to see every game as an opportunity to grow, that’s true for Wednesday’s match as well. We’ll be playing to get through to the next round and that’s what we’re working for the next few days. The Brazilian league is very different and it gave me a lot to be able to face this new adventure. My experience with Botafogo helped me to prepare for this new job. I have my own ideas but it’s very early to express these concepts as it would just be philosophical to talk about it. You need time to create you style of play and a bit of luck too. The physiological situation has improved since I arrived. Results like the one we got yesterday will help us move in the right direction. It’s in the club’s DNA to have control of the game and in the end the numbers are important like we saw yesterday. If you’re in control of the game, the adversary can do less damage. Keeping the ball away from our goal was a choice and it’s been working except for the match against Napoli which was an exception. Balotelli is devastating, he did a lot  better in the second half than the first. He creates danger and worries the opposition defense and he’ll only get better and add to his repertoire. I can’t respond to everything that people write. I have a staff who are a big help in getting the team to grow and to get the results that we want. Until you hear me speak, all that you’ll read is false. When the President will have his moment, alongside Galliani, he’ll explain how it is I came to be here. The match against Atletico will be a great chance to take a big step forward. The won’t close themselves up like Bologna, they’re well organized with good forwards and I’ve seen them a few times. We’ll play our game as Milan always have something extra in the Champions League.. I’m confident that the stadium will be full as it was in the old days with a great atmosphere. The fans and the stadium will give the players what they need.”