“Team Work” – We put the best team in the field.


The most effective educational activities are those that are combined with the reality of workSo after last week’s first interview simulations, the members of the “Team Work” project today visited the Nutrilite spaces where they were the guests at an educational workshop.

In the morning, the work was divided into three sections focusing on as many key subjects: how a company functions and the various internal roles; the organization of the Human Resources office and what a selector expects for the different profiles sought; lastly, the main sales techniques for direct marketing.

It was great to see the more self-confident youngsters taking an active part in the simulations.

We hope that in the following weeks they will handle the interviews with the same spirit.

The company that hosted the youngsters organizes this workshop even though it is not directly involved in the project. It does it because it has supported the work of Fondazione Milan for many years now. Sharing objectives and methods of action is at the basis of this collaboration and its presence in the front line: Nutrilite has decided to run at the Milano Marathon together with Fondazione Milan to support the projects.