Maicon: The main thing was coming away with a point

Maicon feels a point is a good result to take home from Bologna’s Stadio Dall’Ara after the match was played in a torrential downpour.

The Brazilian right-back, who made way for Vasilis Torosidis in the 63rd minute of tonight’s 2-2 draw, believes the point should be looked on positively because the awful conditions penalised the Giallorossi’s playing style more than the hosts’.

“Playing on such a heavy pitch put our opponents at an advantage but we need to be able to adapt to all sorts of conditions. We struggled with the playing surface in the first half but handled ourselves better after the break. We battled hard and tried to play our game despite the weather. The main thing is that we at least come away with a point.”

Do Roma need to improve defensively or was it down to the pitch?
“We work hard on not conceding every day but you do let in goals sometimes in this game. Even if you set yourself up well your opponents can still cause problems for you. What matters is we managed to play our game and take home a point.”

How are Roma set now with Tuesday’s visit to Barcelona just around the corner?
“Tuesday will be a different competition. We’re going to have to take a step up because it’s a different game in a different setting. Hopefully we can prepare for it well and produce a big performance at Barcelona.”

How are you doing physically?
“I’m fine. I feel good. Today’s pitch certainly didn’t help me but I tried my best and hopefully managed to do my bit. The main thing is staying fit and making sure I pull out all the stops to help the team when I play.”

It’s been a difficult week after the Paris attacks but 3000 fans came along to support you in the rain tonight.
“Yeah, that was great because in doing that they sent out an important message. We can’t stop living because otherwise we’d let them win. The fans showed their sensitivity before the match. Life goes on.”

Maicon: The main thing was coming away with a point