Garcia: That was no game of football

Rudi Garcia described Roma’s match against Bologna as “more like water polo with feet than football” after watching his team attempt to play in appalling conditions at the Stadio Dall’Ara.

The French coach clearly cut a frustrated figure following the 2-2 draw played on a waterlogged pitch and says he can’t understand why the match wasn’t called off or abandoned.

“There’s nothing to say about this match because that was no game of football out there,” Garcia began. “It was a parody of football.”

Could it have been stopped?
“Yes, because you can’t play football in those conditions. Even when we were winning 2-1 I’d have been happy for them to suspend the game. It was more like playing water polo with feet than football.”

So it’s one to forget…
“Yes. The only positive note was that we didn’t pick up any injuries. As I said, we can’t talk about football tonight. It was just a battle to see who could push the ball forward better, a sort of lottery where you hit the ball as far as you could and hoped.”

Why do you think it was allowed to go ahead?
“I’m not the one you should be asking about that. I’ve already told you how I stand on the matter. We can’t talk about football tonight so I may as well finish here. Thank you.”

One last question then, not about football. You looked quite emotional as you sang La Marseillaise before kick-off.
“It was a nice gesture that all the stadiums in Italy played the French national anthem today. Definitely.”

Garcia: That was no game of football