Montella: “Great focus and teamwork required against Torino”

Vincenzo Montella has called for Giuseppe Rossi to be allowed to concentrate on recovering from his injury in peace during a news conference at the Stadio Franchi this morning. Answering questions from journalists ahead of Fiorentina’s match against Torino tomorrow, the Viola coach began: “We’ve read the report on Rossi, now it’s time for us to leave him alone and talk about it as little as possible, and that goes for people on the outside as well. Signings? The club management know what we need but it depends on what’s available too.” On how to make up for Rossi’s absence: “Could Ilicic or Wolski play as a false number nine? It doesn’t matter much to me: whoever plays up front has the task of scoring. We’ll all need to work hard together against iTorino if we want to avoid having serious problems against a mature side that has players capable of winning the match.” During his own press conference, Torino coach Giampiero Ventura expressed his admiration for Montella, to which the Viola tactician replied: “The team is in good shape, although today is our first real training session since the last game against Chievo. We’ll have to make our tactical decisions after training. I repeat, Torino are a well-drilled team. “Cuadrado? I think he can do well at full-back too. Up front he’s perhaps a bit too eager to score. He’s improved since last season.”