ACF Fiorentina and Meyer announce new partnership

ACF Fiorentina is delighted to announce a new partnership with the Anna Meyer Children’s Hospital Foundation.  

The Meyer hospital is one of Florence’s finest institutions, renowned not just in Tuscany but across Italy as one of the country’s leading children’s health-care facilities.

Fiorentina will allow the Foundation to use its facilities and image, as well as the image of its players and management figures, to increase its visibility in Italy and abroad.

Through activities involving management, players and coaching staff, the club will support all of the Foundation’s campaigns to raise funds for initiatives in aid of scientific research, developing innovative health projects, improving the quality of children’s and their families’ stays in hospital, as well as in the cultural field with a special regard to children’s illnesses and their repercussions on the family and society as a whole.

With this new partnership, Fiorentina aims to further strengthen its policy – which began in June – of working with and supporting excellent, efficient local institutions.

“It is with great pleasure that the Anna Meyer Children’s Hospital Foundation has today signed an agreement with ACF Fiorentina,” said Meyer Foundation President Gianpaolo Donzelli. “We share the idea that there is a close relationship between sport and health, especially in children and adolescents, and these are the cultural and moral values behind the work carried out at the Meyer on a daily basis.”

ACF Fiorentina President Rocco Commisso added: “The Meyer Hospital was one of the first places I visited in Florence when I came here with the mayor Dario Nardella. It was a very emotional experience for me and I was able to see the concrete aid this hospital offers to those needing medical care and their families. That is why we want to lend a hand so that Meyer initiatives can become more achievable. My family and I have been shown so much love since we arrived in Florence and this is a way of repaying Florence for the wonderful welcome we’ve received, by doing something away from the pitch that has an impact on people’s daily lives.”

Published: Tue, 17 Sep 2019 12:35:00 +0200

Source: Fiorentina Official website