VOGUE FASHION NIGHT OUT 2014, ANDREA POLI: “There is lots of room for improvement”

< ![CDATA[MILAN – Andrea Poli’s comments from the Vogue Fashion Night Out 2014 taking place in the city of Milan tonight: "We had hoped to collect 6 points. We’ve played two good matches, but we’re still a work in progress with a new coach, formation and new players. We have lots of room for improvement and I hope that my team grows game by game. The coach is very attentive to details. We’ve been working together for 2 months and a half and I think that we can still grow and play even better. We can only do that by improving on the mistakes that we commit. The proof of the group spirit that exists amongst us was shown during our celebrations but also in the tough moments at Parma, where we grouped together. They say that when a team concedes it’s the defence’s fault, but it’s the whole team that makes an error and we have to improve in order to avoid conceding goals. Menez is doing very well, he has great technical qualities, he’s settled into the group in the best of ways and we hope that he continues like this and to make the difference like he did last Sunday."]]>