VOGUE FASHION NIGHT OUT 2014, ANDREA POLI: “There is a big desire for revenge”

< ![CDATA[MILAN – Milan midfielder Andrea Poli was speaking from the Vogue Fashion Night Out 2014: "Based on my characteristics, the current formation seems the most suitable to me but it’s the coach that decides. In the 10 days that I spent with the Italy Team I understood why Juve won three Italian titles with Conte as coach. There is a great deal of focus by Conte and by coach Inzaghi to the details, they have a great desire to give a style of play to their sides. I hope that Inzaghi can follow in Conte’s footsteps. The 45 points last season that separated us from Juve were a lot, but there is a different spirit now. Unfortunately last year was very negative but now there is a big desire for revenge also because we possess a very important jersey.”]]>