(IN THE PHOTO: Clarence Seedorf encourages his team)
MILAN – After Monday's day of rest, the players will train today at 15.00 ahead of Saturday's match Udinese-Milan. In the meantime, please see all the post-match interviews from Milan-Juventus in Round 26 of the Italian top flight below:ADRIANO GALLIANI"I was speaking with the President until a moment ago: the team is growing. I think that Poli leaving the field changed the game, he’s in hospital now getting himself checked up but he’s lucid. Poli was the key tactically. It’s a shame as we played well and had a fantastic first half. It’s not nice to lose but the glass is half full. It’s one of those moments and that’s football. Even Agnelli recognized that the first half was absolute domination by Milan. The players know it in the changing room as well. Clarence spoke to the players and told them all what we, the fans, could see: a team that played at the same level as Juventus. You couldn’t see much difference between the two sides. Emanuelson had a positive game and Abate is doing well. We have a good squad. El Shaarawy is out and so is Balotelli. The fans are looking forward and they know the team is growing, that’s the reality. The team were focused and I can see that in training as well. I don’t think the tension level will drop. There’s a battle to be fought in Madrid. Our tow full backs and Montolivo have been called up for the national side. We played a good game and Pazzini put in an important performance. I'm al’ays a bit bitter after a loss but the team did well. The President was satisfied as well. The team is growing and that’s fundamental. Poli had a super game and he’s been playing well for some time now. If it wasn’t for that clash of heads, we could have caused them even more problems. We need points and to move forward. We have to get a few results together. We have 13 points now in 7 matches but the distance is so great that it’s tough to talk about league positions. We’ll see in May. The Juventus players saw that there’s no big gap between the two teams and I don’t think the league position tells the full story. The majority of this team will be with us next season as well. We can’t let our heads drop. We’ve showed that we have a squad that can compete with Juventus”.CLARENCE SEEDORF“In the end, the game was the spectacle that we have to give to the world. Our fans were fantastic as always. It’s a shame about the result but the result was very good. I hope that these performances can turn into positive results as well. I could see disappointment in the players eyes after the match but also desire to get back again. We’re on the right road.I’m looking for certainties at the moment as well but all of that will come from the performances. I’m seeing a lot of growth and I’m optimistic, we’ll get satisfaction in the future. The full backs today were fundamental and they have to keep on pushing. Emanuelson did well and he helped the team to open up the play. We need him. The full backs are fundamental in the modern game. We have to be more clinical, we wanted to score but we couldn’t. The wheel hasn’t completely turned perhaps. We maybe have to turn it a bit more and we’ll have more luck. Putting Juventus under as much as we did is a great credit to the players. We’ll talk home the performance with our heads held high. The fans will appreciate the commitment and the results will come, I’m sure of it”.RICCARDO MONTOLIVO“It’s disappointing to talk about the loss after such a good performances. We deserved to take the lead in the first half and we went in at half time a goal down. It’s very tough but we have to keep on this road that we’re on with this attitude and this desire to play the game. We’re need continuity and that’s what we’re looking for. If we don’t win then it’s obvious we have to improve. I think that in the big games, the performances have always been there. We have to improve in certain situations where Juve punished us but today we showed good intensity and balance. We dropped a bit in the second half but it’s tough to talk about a loss when we deserved a different result. Now I’ll be up against Spain with the national side. It’ll be a tough match and it’s never a friendly against them. After that, it’ll be Udinese”.DANIELE BONERA"The result looks bad but the team played a great game. No point in talking about the first half as everyone saw how we did. In the second half we only took a few risks after the second goal. With Seedorf, we ‘ve started a new course and we know it’ll be long but we took a step forward today. It’s a shame about the result but we’re happy with that we’ve done and we’ve showed that the team is alive. In Madrid, we’ll be looking to put Atletico in difficulty. It’ll be a complicated match but we’ll play our game”.