The Milan Foundation celebrated 10 years of activity last November at the East End Studios in Milan where ‘Scuola Bottega’, one of the main projects for this season was presented. During the Youth Sectors Christmas part, organizational director Antonella Costa went into more detail regarding the project.
The initiative is aimed at foreign and Italian children between the ages of 15 and 18 who have yet to finish high school and are in need of personal assistance to do so. The scheme has shown itself to be an efficient response to the very real risk of young people squandering their potential due to a lack of options, valid proposals or points of reference for their educational prospects.
Thanks to the Milan Foundation, the education process is integrated with sporting activities to ensure a balanced lifestyle and to ingrain positive habits for the future such as regular exercise and a healthy diet. The youngsters involved in the project have been given the use of the Vismara sports centre, where the Milan Youth Sector trains, for their activities. This allows for the development of a proven model by giving the youngsters a place to train and also promoting healthy practices.