PRIMAVERA, DAVIDE PACIFICO: “We’d do anything for Inzaghi”

MILAN – Primavera captain Davide Pacifico spoke to the Milan Channel after making the final of the Viareggio Tournament yesterday:
“I always try to build up the team and transmit enthusiasm. Last season I got back playing when they team were starting to do well and we did well from January onwards and we did well in Viareggio as well, losing in the final to Anderlecht. We’re in the final again and so are they so we want to get some pay back which would be important for me personally. I won’t be with the club next season and I’m hoping to play in Serie B. I finished school last year so all my time is spent with the game now. I train alone in the morning and with the team in the afternoon. I went on loan to Novara and enjoyed my time there before coming back here. I have a great relationship with Inzaghi but that goes for all the team as well. We’d do anything for him. He’s transmits a lot of enthusiasm and builds up the team a lot, that’s one of his best qualities”.