PHILIPPE MEXES TO THE MILAN CHANNEL: “We’re on the right track”

MILAN – Philippe Mexes spoke exclusively to the Milan Channel today:“We went through a tough period but we’re getting back now and we’re on the right road. The end of the season is very important for all of us and we can’t afford to underestimate Catania. There are three important points up for grabs and we have get back the points that we’ve lost on the road. When I’m on fine, I always try and fire up my team mates.I don’t feel like a warrior. The mentality in the south of France where I come from is similar to the Italian one so I was able to settle into Italian football quickly. I hope we end the season well as the team deserves it. I’ll give my all but if it’s me or someone else who scores the goal to get us into the Europa League, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is to do well. Taarabt is a young player who debuted in the Champions League this season. He’s a great talent and I like helping him. Seeing him play well and score is great. El Shaarawy is a player that is very attached to the game of football and it hasn’t been easy for him to be out as long as he has. We missed him a lot this season. What Baresi said fills me with pride, he’s a great man and a great player. For us defenders, he’s always the example. The history of this club means that we’re all very attached to the jersey. We haven’t won all that much in recent years but we’ll do everything we can to get back to winning ways”.