(IN THE PHOTO: Chinese supporters wearing the rossoneri colours)MILAN - The official CNN website,, has revealed the findings into a research project led by Coventry University's Center for the International Business of Sport.According to their research, Milan are the most popular Italian team in China and third overall, just behind  Arsenal and Manchester United.The statistics also reveal that Spanish clubs Barcelona and Real Madrid are behind the rossoneri in terms of popularity in China.These findings coincide with the welcome and enthusiasm that was seen in the week that Milan spent in China from the 8th of August 2011: the rossoneri beat Inter 2-1 in the Italian Super Cup in Beijing with three-quarters of the stadium packed out with Milan fans.Moreover, in 2011 a Chinese online survey ( had confirmed the popularity of the most decorated club in the world in China.The latest research continues to confirm this trend despite the fact that other football leagues are more popular and receive greater attention such as the English Premier League and the German Bundesliga.