MILAN – Milan welcomed Keisuke Honda with a video clip at the official presentation yesterday. Please see the text to the audio that accompanied that video clip below.
Modesty, that is what is being taught to the Japanese from an early age.
We want to welcome you now to the world of Keisuke Honda, the Prince of Osaka, a member of a new Japanese tribe, not less educated or able than his predecessors, but certainly much more daring.
Keisuke was still in his hometown of Settsu in Osaka, when his elementary school teacher asked him to write about his future goals.
He wrote. Title: Watashi no yume ga, the dream, my dream.
"I want to become the greatest soccer player in the world and become rich enough to be able to help my family. I’ll play in the World Cup and then in the Italian Serie A. I’ll wear the AC Milan jersey with the number ten."
One last thing.
In his essay, Keisuke also added that after wearing the AC Milan number 10 jersey he will take Japan to the World Cup Final where they will meet Brazil.
Final result, 2:1 to Japan.
Do I need to add who will score the winning goal? No?
I thought as much.