FILIPPO INZAGHI: “We’ve done something extraordinary”

MILAN – Filippo Inzaghi had this to say after the final whistle of yesterday’s semi-final between Milan and Fiorentina:
“We did something extraordinary today although it’s not enough to win the tournament. I told the players that we just beat the best team in the tournament. We did well in the first half going 2-0 up and then conceded from set pieces. The players did well to fight back. Modic from the free kick and then Pinato on the breakaway. Barisic was an idea I had. It’s like when I was a player, I get a feeling for something and I go with it. Pinato for Vido was a big help for us. The best thing  about this tournament is that players who haven’t seen too much time on the pitch have shown great things. The spirit on show means that this is a special group. Modic scored a great goal today. Iotti came on and was even playing out of position. De Santis ia a very young player and Fabbro did so well too. We’ll go far like this”.This group has something special. I got calls from Galliani and Galli and they’re both very proud of this team. The club has always given a lot of importance to the Youth Sector. This is a prestigious tournament and the players would be on the pitch even if they only had one leg, like Simic today who played half the match limping. Like the matches against Ajax and Barcelona, this is a match that will stay with us”.