MILANELLO – This is what coach Clarence Seedorf had to say in an exclusive interview with the Milan Channel ahead of the Sampdoria-Milan match on Sunday:"In light of the current situation and at a time in which we’re looking for continuity, I believe that the Atletico Madrid match was of great help to us in terms of morale and shows that we’re on the right track. We’ve now got to improve day by day.Balotelli has enormous potential. He has a great desire and immense determination. It’s only a matter of time because he will realise his potential. He just needs continuity. I’ve seen big steps forward on the tactical and technical side of things. He’s improving a lot and in every area.Let’s pay tribute to Al-Alhy, but this needs to be another source of motivation to build a great future with the rossoneri colours.I shook the officials' hands because in my opinion when the match ends, things finish there. It’s up to the UEFA commission to then evaluate the errors that were made. There’s also the second-leg still to play. It’s all to play for.An extra midfielder doesn’t change anything, it’s the attitude on the pitch that makes the difference. The ideas that we put into place are evident especially in these kind of matches. After months of negativity, we need strength and courage to put my ideas from training into place. If we have the ability to do this with continuity in the league, then things will certainly improve.Taarabt can become a great player. I spoke with Rio Ferdinand, Julio Cesar and other former colleagues and they all described him as having great talent. He’s young and he’s finding his confidence in expressing his abilities. I was tense in the first few days, then he had a great week ahead of the Napoli match and I decided to give him his chance. He’s a diamond in the rough who needs some work. Milan’s philosophy is as follows: give young players a chance who can then become idols with the rossoneri jersey. Taarabt is a player who creates a lot but he’s not shy of finding the back of the net. He’s an important talent. I hope that him, Kakà and Poli can find a good understanding between each other as soon as possible.”