MILANELLO – After today’s training session, Milan defender Daniele Bonera was interviewed by the Milan Channel. Here is what he had to say earlier: “I want to wish Acerbi good luck. He was very unlucky. The squad trained well today, we worked well on tactics and we’re preparing in order to be ready for Monday.The comparison with Baresi fills me with pride, but I’m a long way off him. I thank Gattuso for his words of respect. I have to say that everything Rino does is done with passion and energy. It pleases me that he sees me as a leader, but I’m not the only one. There are many others. I was out for a long time with an injury and it has allowed me to grow. When you are away from the daily routine, you appreciate it more once you’re back. Time goes by and I feel more responsible than ever.We await him with open arms because the President’s visits are always beneficial. The last one was, we know he is going through a difficult time, but with a positive result we try and give him a bit of joy.Totti is back and we always face clubs in certain situations. We need to be attentive and, from a sporting point of view, malicious. We need to be mentally in the game for 100 minutes. When we don’t concede it’s difficult that we draw, and we win matches. Wednesday is an exception, but we were in a unique situation and one man down. When we’re attentive we never concede.”