(IN THE PHOTO: Massimiliano Allegri speaks to Keisuke Honda before his Serie A debut agaìnst Sassuolo)
MILAN – Here’s what players and management had to say after yesterday's match in Reggio Emilia.MASSIMILIANO ALLEGRI (PRESS CONFERENCE)
“We played well for the first 15 minutes then Sassuolo turned the game around. We let in goals that we could have avoided and we were a bit lightweight and we didn’t even manage to equalize. We hit the post three times and the cross bar once. We came here on the back of a big win over Atalanta and we should have done better. We’re on 22 points after half a season. We have to roll up our sleeves and continue working. We needed a different attitude and we have to do better. The club will make their choices. It’s disappointing as we’re in bad shape in the league and we’ve been having difficulties this season. We’ve dropped a lot of points and this half of the season has ended much as it began against Verona. It’s clear that we have to work differently and we can’t run certain risks when we’re 2-0 up. Montolivo came back with the team on Saturday and Honda only joined up ion Friday after a month of not playing. We played with 4 forwards in the second half but in these games you need balance. We have to do better when we’re 2-0 up. My players have never come to celebrate scoring with me and I don’t want them to. It was a huge game for Sassuolo. Honda played a good game but it’s clear that needs to settle in. I have no regrets and I won’t have them even if the club decides to part ways with me. The only objective set since I’ve been here has been a top three finish and we’re far away from that now. We could have turned things around tonight but we didn’t. If a man works honestly, there should be no regrets. I’ve spoken with Galliani. I’m used to the pressure of losing my job, it’s been there since my second season with the club. We still have the cup to get into Europe next season and there’s always the Champions League.”