ADRIANO GALLIANI TO THE MILAN CHANNEL: “I hope both terraces will be full for the derby”

MILAN - Adriano Galliani had this to say coming out of the Dolce&Gabbana Metropol yesterday evening where the Youth Sector Christmas Party was held:“Tomorrow (today) there’ll be both a meeting with the Lega and the club’s AGM. Everything that we’ll be discussing has been agreed by all parties including the president so all’s well there.”I won’t complain about referees and I went to see Rocchi to give him my best. I think it was a harsh decision regarding Montolivo against Roma as the captain has the right to speak to the referee and I don’t think there was any disrespect there.Kakà’s 100th goal? It won’t be easy but sometimes dreams come true. We’ll see.I had dinner with some of our players last night. There was Pazzini, Matri and Pirlo as well, but I swear we didn’t discuss contracts. Our squad is a bit big at the moment and in January we’ll have Rami and Honda as well. If we can, we‘ll do something in the middle of the field.When you get to a stadium with empty sectors, it’s like a wound. I continue to think that the concept of territorial discrimination has been invented here in Italy and is not connected to racism. Derby matches are always sold out. I spoke with Fassone from Inter and I said we’d be open to the idea of at least postponing the closure of their terrace for another match. I hope that both terraces will be full for the match.I spoke with Gattuso this morning and with Cristian Brocchi just now. I’ll hear what our lawyer Cantamessa has to say before commenting. I’m sure of the players’ honesty but I haven’t read the charges and so I can’t comment. Having known them for so many years I’m sure they’re good men. The club will stick by them but as I said I haven’t read anything yet and so I wouldn’t want to anger anyone.The club belongs to Silvio Berlsuconi. He’s our guiding light and form my part, there’s complete availability to work with Barbara whose a person I watched grow up. There’s no problem there.Once again, the club is doing very well. We’ve got the First Team and the Primavera side in the final 16 of the Champions League and the UEFA Youth League respectively.”