ADIL RAMI TO THE MILAN CHANNEL: “With time, we’ll get back to winning with continuity”

MILAN – Here’s what Adil Rami had to say to the Milan Channel this afternoon:
“I have to listen to the coach. He says we’re playing with a system that puts pressure on the adversary ad leaves little space for the opposition forwards and I try and do my job as best I can. It’s easy to play with Constant as we’ve known each other for years and of course it’s easier to talk to him. Against Bologna, I knew inside myself that we couldn’t end the game 0-0 and when Mario scored, I couldn’t believe it. What a goal, he has a really powerful shot but it’s not just power, there’s technique as well, the ball followed a perfect trajectory and not many players can shoot like that. We’ll see against Atletico but we’re getting better with time. We’re getting used to this system and we won so there’s more confidence. Atletico are a strong team mentally too, they’re not your typical team that always looks for the ball like Barcelona, they prefer to play on the counter attack. We’ll have to do well against them, we’ll have to play at 100%. Diego Costa is fast, always dopes well and always wants to twin. Taarabt speaks English and French, he’s new here, but he’s getting to know everyone. At the moment we have a lot of possession but we’re not being dangerous enough, with time and confidence we’ll get back to winning with continuity”.