(IN THE PHOTO: the team celebrate a goal against Sampdoria)MILAN – On the pitch they are two players that play with smiles on their faces and who have fun. Adil and Adel. Rami and Taarabt. Names that sound similar and that share the letters A, D and L, letters that make up the history of the club.The letter A for ALDO:  Aldo Bet, a protagonist in Milan’s scudetto della stella side (the 10th Italian title won by the club).Aldo Maldera, Milan’s captain in the early 1980s.Aldo Serena a two-time scudetto winner with the rossoneri in 1992 and 1993.But there is also the letters A, D and L in the surnames of the greats: MALDera, but also in MALDini, the father and son to play for Milan, starting with Cesare and later Paolo.The links don’t end there, Adelio Moro also played for one season at the club and then there is ORLANDO: firstly with Angelo, a winner of the scudetto in 1993-1994, and then Massimo who played for the club in 1994-95.Letters that make up the names and the glorious past of Milan. The present is Milan-Juventus this Sunday. The future is Adil and Adel.