CLARENCE SEEDORF TO THE MILAN CHANNEL: “We’re building foundations for the future”

MILANELLO – Clarence Seedorf spoke exclusively to the Milan Channel ahead of this afternoon’s press conference:“We know it’s a long road and we have a lot to do. Wins bring enthusiasm and I can see in the players’ eyes the desire to do it and to succeed. I try to hit the right notes and today things are going well. It’s been a group effort since I’ve been here and everyone has shown complete availability. On the outside everyone is talking about Balotelli and he’s found happiness playing again. Without that joy, everything’s a lot tougher. We’re going in the right direction and we can’t stop.I don’t know Taarabt as a person. I spoke to him on the phone to let him know he was coming to a great club. It looks like he has a lot of desire and he’ll be put in the team with calm and without a label attached to him. He could help us. When you have talent, that’s a good base.”“I was satisfied with the match against Cagliari. We did well in the first half and were penalized by a single incident but then we saw the right reaction from the team. We continued pushing forward in the second half and we kept looking for the goal right to the end. Playing attractive football will come with time but you get results from character as well. I can’t remember any easy games at Cagliari in my career. I just got here and you can’t transform a side in two weeks. The psychological aspect is important. I got here with another idea of how to play and it’ll take time for the players to take it on. We had three goal scoring chances against Cagliari in the first half and we did well in the second as well. The players know the moment we’re in. They were very well organized tactically and that’s pleasing. You need solid foundations to build a house and that’s what we’re doing. We want to end the league as best we can and we’re waiting for the Champions League matches as well. I see a lot of determination and I’m expecting a big reaction. Then  we’ll look at the next season. We want to do the best we can with the squad we have and then at the end of the season we’ll analyze things. Now we need the fans’ support. For all football lovers, it’s important for Milan to get back to the top level. Forza Milan!”