Result AC MILAN 0 – 2 PALERMO, Own goal by Cristian Zapata, Sunday 2 November 2014, Serie A Week 10

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% Ball Possession AC MILAN and % Ball Possession PALERMO
AC Milan AC Milan 0 – 2 Palermo US Palermo

23′ Cristian Zapata (own goal)
26′ Paulo Dybala

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Serie A Standing AFTER the game:
AC Milan, 7th position with 16 points and a positive goal difference of +4
Palermo, 13th position with 12 points and a negative goal difference of –6

Pos Team P W D L Goals DIFF Points
7 Milan 10 4 4 2 18:14 4 16
13 Palermo 10 3 3 4 11:17 -6 12


AC Milan suffering a major blow after losing against Palermo  in San Siro.   Milan was supposed to win the gamer after 2 draws wasting points to grab the top 3 positions.  History now is all for Palermo.  Imagine, the last time Palermo won in San Siro was back in the 2009-2010 season with a 0-2  thanks to the goals by Fabrizio Miccoli and Mark Bresciano.  Today, same result, Palermo defeating Milan with an own goal by Milan defender Cristian Zapata and the goal by forward Paulo Dybala.

AC Milan falling from the 4th position to the 7th while Palermo climbing from the 15th to the 13th position.  It’s the second consecutive win for Palermo getting away from the relegation zone.  A well deserved victory.

There are 26 precedents for AC Milan vs Palermo seeing AC Milan with 22 wins, 2 draws, and Palermo with  2 wins.   80 goals with Milan scoring 64 and Palermo 16.

Great expectation in San Siro.  Referee Gervasoni whistles the start of the game… show time….   Players ready to battle, let’s roll the ball.

Palermo sending a clear message to Milan challenging goalkeeper Diego Lopez in the 2nd minute for the first save of the match.  Yep, Palermo forward Franco  forcing goalkeeper Diego Lopez to save his left footed shot in the bottom right corner.

Problems for AC Milan with the first forced substitution in the 3rd minute!   Defender Alex cannot continue and the emergency signal now wondering because it is replaced by defender Cristian Zapata.  It’s way too early to lose a player, it seems a muscular problem.

Referee Gervasoni giving the first yellow card of the match in the 16th minute to Palermo defender Giancarlo Gonzalez after a foul on forward Jeremy Menez

16th minute, yellow card for Milan midfielder Nigel De Jong after a foul Palermo midfielder Edgar Barreto.

Another yellow card in less than 4 minutes!   In the 19th minute, Gervasoni giving a yellow card to Palermo midfielder Michel Morganella after a foul on AC Milan defender Mattia De Sciglio.

A cold shower in San Siro!!!!   In the 23rd minute there is the own goal by Milan defender Cristian Zapata!!!!  Unbelievable….

Click the video to watch the own goal by Milan defender Cristian Zapata against his own goalkeeper Diego Lopez.


Oh oh spaghetti oh… you won’t believe this one but Palermo  slapping another goal.  In the 26th minute, there is the goal by forward Paul Dybala after the mistake by Zapata !!!!  It’s just crazy, Dybala defeating AC Milan goalkeeper Diego Lopez with a left footed shot in the top right corner.  The assist is by midfielder Edgar Barreto. Mamma mia, what a day for Zapata…. it’s not his day.



Bam! Splash! SASH!… There you go Palermo forward Paulo Dybala crushing AC Milan goalkeeper Diego Lopez sending Milan fans in despair and Palermo fans to a party time.


Oh my gosh, what a bad performance ..  it had to be the worst game for Cristian Zapata not only author of the own goal, but also responsible for the second goal of Palermo!   Is this for real?

What a game!  Palermo is just rocking in San Siro and dominating Milan still unable to react.    In the 39th minute,  Palermo closer to the goal with midfielder Barreto challenging Milan goalkeeper Diego Lopez to save his right footed shot in the top right corner.

In the 45th minute Referee Gervasoni giving a yellow card to Palermo defender Sinisa Andjelkovic  after a foul on Milan forward Fernando Torres.

First half ending 59% ball possession AC Milan and 41% ball possession Palermo.

AC Milan forward Fernando Torres still unable to make a difference.


Second half starting with AC Milan coach Filippo Inzaghi looking for fresh energy by substituting midfielder Andrea Poli to bring forward Stephan El Shaarawy.

Nothing is working for AC Milan.  In the 51st minute, forward Stephan El Shaarawy not fooling Referee Gervasoni who gives him a yellow card for a dive pretending to claim a penalty.’

Another wasted chance for Milan unable to find the goal.  In the 64th minute, Palermo goalkeeper Stefano Sorrentino saving the right footed shot by forward Jeremy Menez in the center.

Palermo making a substitution in the 67th minute by replacing midfielder Enzo Maresca with midfielder  Granddi Ngoyi

In the 68th minute AC Milan replacing Keisuke Honda with forward Giampaolo Pazzini

Hope disappearing for Palermo!  In the 69th minute, Palermo goalkeeper deviating the headed shot by forward Stephan El Shaarawy….

Time running by and Milan living a nightmare!  Palermo are freezing the rossoneri fans.  In the 80th minute, Palermo goalkeeper Sorrentino saving the right footed shot by midfielder Nigel De Jong in the bottom right corner.

In the 86th minute, Palermo replaces  Franco Vázquez.with forward Andrea Belotti,

Moments of desperation for the Rossoneri.  In the 88th minute yellow card to AC Milan defender Adil Rami for protesting

In the 88th minute, Palermo replacing forward Paulo Dybala with midfielder Robin Quaison.
Here is AC MILAN official starting lineup by coach Filippo Inzaghi:

AC MILAN (4-3-3): Diego Lopez; Abate, Alex, Rami, De Sciglio; Poli, De Jong, Saponara; Keisuke Honda,  FernandoTorres, Jeremy Menez.

Here is PALERMO official starting lineup by coach Giuseppe Iachini:

Palermo (4-4-2): Sorrentino; Munoz, Gonzalez, Andelkovic; Morganella, Bolzoni, Maresca, Barreto, Lazaar; Dybala, Vazquez.



AC Milan coach Filippo Inzaghi. Surely, the objective for the Rossoneri will be to win the game. “Go get it”….. Will they? NO THEY DID NOT.



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Click the video to watch the highlights of the game, AC Milan vs Palermo, Sunday 2 November 2014, San Siro Stadium, Milan, Italy


Click the video to watch the commentaries from Diretta Stadio by Tiziano Crudelli on Milan – Palermo.

AC Milan forward Keisuke Honda and Palermo defender Ezequiel Munoz clearing a danger situation.




Acrobatic???? Palermo midfielder Michel Morganella and AC Milan forward Jeremy Menez


Final celebration…..


Palermo players celebrating their historical victory against AC Milan with a 0-2 result.  Celebrations in the dressing room and come on guys, they deserve to celebrate.


Serie A tickets2014 – 2015 Italian Serie A Week 10

AC Milan – Palermo
Sunday 2 November 2014
San Siro Stadium
Milan, Italy


Assistants: POSADO – DI FIORE
Fourth Official: COSTANZO

Attendance: 28,272

Goals: 23′ Cristian Zapata (own goal), 26′ Paulo Dybala (P)

Official formations – lineups :

AC MILAN (4-3-3): Diego Lopez; Abate, Alex, Rami, De Sciglio; Poli, De Jong, Saponara; Honda, Torres, Menez.

Subs: Abbiati, Agazzi, Albertazzi, Armero, Bonera, Zaccardo, Zapata, Essien, Van Ginkel, El Shaarawy, Niang, Pazzini.

Coach: Filippo Inzaghi.

Palermo (4-4-2): Sorrentino; Munoz, Gonzalez, Andelkovic; Morganella, Bolzoni, Maresca, Barreto, Lazaar; Dybala, Vazquez.

Subs: Ujkani, Daprelà, Feddal, Pisano, Terzi, Vitiello, Chochev, Della Rocca, Ngoyi, Quaison, Belotti, Joao Silva

Coach: Giuseppe Iachini.

Match Stats