The meeting was an important chance to share ideas, experiences and update one another on the new season that is currently underway.Jaap Kalma, AC Milan Commercial Director, Filippo Galli, head of the AC Milan Youth Sector, Edgardo Zanoli, head of Milan Junior were all present to share their experiences and opinions along with Gianfranco Parma, Antonello Bolis and Mario Del Verme from the Milan Academy. Various representatives from the Scuole Calcio Milan also spoke of their social and sporting experiences at the meeting.One of the topics was the proper functioning of the Scuola Calcio as a centre for sporting culture and creating a network which involved local organisations that share experiences, problems and best practice. There are 82 Scuole Calcio Milan spread across the entire country which provides activities for 25.000 children which is a great social and sporting asset to the club.