The Cimiano Scuola Calcio and Centro Tecnico Milan held courses for the coaches at the Milan Academy that are working with the Scuole Calcio Milan in Italy and abroad. All the staff involved with the Milan Junior and Milan Academy project, from the technical aspect to the psychological study of children, were invited to attend seminars and practical exercises on the field.
The course started with a talk from the Commercial Director of AC Milan, Jaap Kalma, followed by the head of the ‘Progetto Milan Junior’ Edgardo Zanoli and also professors Gianfranco Parma and Antonello Bolis. The group then began to look back at the experiences of last year, underlining the good moments and the bad ones in order to improve for this year ahead of the work that has to be done by Milan’s technical team in Italy and all over the world. All the coaches spent time both in the seminar room as well as on the field of play and were carefully observed by Davide Corti and Marco Peverieri, during both technical and practical simulations that mimicked a typical day at a Scuola Calcio.
Both days were very useful for all those involved and there was a constant exchange of ideas and opinions in order to try and improve the Milan Junior project in Italy and abroad.
The course was the curtain raiser of the Scuola Calcio Milan season, a project of fundamental importance that involves more than 25000 families each year and has a network of 17 Scuole Calcio Milan in the world and over 80 in Italy.