Only a handful of days after the derby, Milan and Inter were reunited as part of the important project "Shave your Style - #rispettailmiostile", launched by the Milan Foundation and in collaboration with Braun a few weeks ago. The project aims to play its part socially by promoting respect and the latest initiative is aimed at helping adolescents, who often have difficulties developing self-confidence and creating inter-personal relationships.And for the occasion, Milan’s legendary captain Paolo Maldini and Inter’s Vice-President and likewise legendary captain Javier Zanetti, met with 450 school-kids from secondary schools in Milan to talk about their experiences of respect, but also their experiences of leadership and their style. Fair Play is also a running theme of the project.The participation of the 2 football greats will no doubt prove to be an invaluable experience for these school-kids who growing up, and in particular during their teens, will encounter testing moments.Opponents respect each other out on the pitch and Maldini and Zanetti are testimony to this. Every footballer, regardless of the side he or she plays for, puts his personal style to the test, technical and personal. Every different style forms the team and helps contribute to the overall success. In football, just like in life, the outcome can be a success or a defeat.The objective is to ensure the school-kids understand the message loud and clear: to be a leader you need your own style, but above all you must respect the style of others, without ever falling into the trap of bullying, a theme which is unfortunately far too present nowadays in the news.