8 teams will be competing at the MASTER FOOTBALL PLAYER, a tennis tournament scheduled for Sunday the 16th of November. The aim of the event is to bring together football stars and raise funds for projects organised by the Milan Foundation. In particular, part of the funds raised will go towards a project called “SPORT ED INCLUSIONE SOCIALE” (Sport and social inclusion). This social project will be carried out across 5 areas on the outskirts of Milan that are at risk and, through the use of sport, aims to help teens and youths in difficulty. The project will accompany and support them in a journey that will help them with social interaction and create strong relationships through sport and activities that are linked to their passions and interests.Amongst the participants at the tournament are: Paolo Maldini, Dario Simic, Maurizio Ganz, Fabio Grosso, Enrico Annoni, Massimo Oddo, Bernardo Corradi, Massimo Taibi, Stefano Fiore, Dario Marcolin, Nicola Amoruso, Giuliano Giannicchedda, Alessio Tacchinardi, Cristiano Zenoni, Mario Ielpo, Simone Barone, Alessandro Melli, Massimiliano Vieri, Marco Rigoni. The aforementioned will be put into the following teams: Levissima, MCS, Bayer, NiveaMen, Redwood, Studio Tributario Internazionale, Studio Agostinelli and Sartoria Luca/Paolo Rossi. The format of the competition is a straight knock-out; each round will consist of a male doubles and a singles match.A special thanks goes to the Aspria Harbour Club, Head, Boscolo Hotel, Smeg and Diagramma who through their support have made the event possible.