“World Cup Final Germany-Argentina. Muller-Messi show. Inzaghi forbids cell phones in training. Astori-Lazio. Brazil humiliated. Netherlands 3rd place. Carrasco ready for Roma,” Front Pages La Gazzetta dello Sport, Corriere dello Sport, and Tutto Sport from Sunday 13 July 2014


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Good morning my friends.   What a lovely Sunday morning!!! wohooo… I hope you are all happy too awaiting for the World Cup Final match Germany vs Argentina. Oh yeah!  You bet all headlines, main attention is for the match to find out who will be crowned as World Cup Champions!!!   Mamma mia… I will need an entire Coffee pot to be awake!!!!

Headlines practically for Argentina forward Lionel Messi to be the decisive player now or never again!  Yep.  I totally agree with the headlines that Messi can write history if he becomes the fundamental player for Argentina victory and can be compared to great one Diego Armando Maradona.   Yet, come on guys, it’s not an easy task because on the other side you have a strong Germany with 2 great leaders such as Muller and Lazio forward Miroslav Klose!!!!!   Wow, wow, wow…. who will win????   As for the World Cup 3rd place headlines.. oh well, we have to order Tylenol for Brazil team again humiliated.  Netherlands crushed Brazil with a flat 3-0!!!!!!  Brazil ended the tournament as the team conceding more goals a smacking 14 altogether, which includes 10 in the last 2 games.. OUCH!

Back to Serie A headlines, I love the one about AC Milan coach Filippo Inzaghi being strict with the players.  Awesome!  I love the fact that cell phones are not allowed in the dressing room neither practice session and not at the table… I guess eating time!!!!  Just about time!!!  Players should concentrate for training and not be concerned about who is calling or texting….   For Milan the pressure is high and demand for total concentration is a must!

Well, guys, enjoy the headlines and have a delicious snack to enjoy the game.!


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Here are the front pages from Italy main Sports newspapers La Gazzetta dello Sport, Corriere dello Sport, and Tutto Sport from Sunday 13 July 2014

La Gazzetta dello Sport
Front Page, Prima Pagina
Sunday 13  July 2014


Rio, 21 hour Germany – Argentina
Watch out for the M factor
Muller-Messi, to who the world?
Here is the great final:
There is to elect the queen team
The German also targets for the top scorer title with a view on the Golden Ball
The “Pulce” goes to the pitch with Maradona’s blessing: “Score two goals and the World Cup is ours.”

The analysis
The force and the pride

The survey
Hundred jurors affirms “Low wins”

The passion
Alarm at Rio invaded by 100,000 Argentinians

The history
Germany united looking for the first triumph

Brazil end among whistles, Netherlands party: 3-0

At work, Valencia sells: Now Rami is all Rossonero
Milan, the tough law of Inzaghi
Tough rules in the retreat: wake up alarm at 7:45, cell phones forbidden in the dressing room and tactics and even at the table.

Market, the midfielder
Between Juve and Inter a chess game for Pereyra

The interview, the coach talks
Charge Iachini “Is a hungry Palermo”

Photo: Front page - Prima pagina La Gazzetta dello Sport  Sunday 13 July 2014 - Domenica 13 Luglio


Corriere dello Sport
Front Page, Prima Pagina
Sunday 13  July 2014


Vidal, Juve under siege
United stick in, the base offer is of 35 millions Pounds

World Cup final
Maracana at 21
Germany against Argentina
Messi or never again

  • Can imitate Diego and makes history. In Brazil.
  • But the Germans are super with Muller and Klose

Brazil, what a shame, Netherlands is in third place: 3-0

Romulo, Milan pressing

Carrasco is ready for Roma

Astori-Lazio, Tuesday key day

James move: “It’s true I dream Real”

Rafa Benitez: “I don’t see a favorite”

Photo: Front page - Prima pagina Corriere dello Sport Sunday 13 July 2014 - Domenica 13 Luglio


Tutto Sport
Front Page, Prima Pagina
Sunday 13  July 2014


Muller-Messi: It’s show
Time 21: Germany-Argentina will assign the World Cup at Rio which seems Buenos Aires
Brazil, again defeated (0-3) ends among whistles and insults. Netherlands is in 3rd place

Lichtsteiner for Rabiot
PSG insist for the Swiss, Juve working on the exchange and for the right wing frames Romulo
The hunt for the central reopens, Nastasic in pole.
Iturbe: Sprint to beat Atletico

Toro show
15 goals to Bormio awaiting the striker

Inter, tentative for Balanta
Milan, has three urgencies

Ferreira Carrasco here is the Roma blitz
Verona after Maggio


Photo: Front page - Prima pagina Tutto Sport Sunday 13 July 2014 - Domenica 13 Luglio