“We have to go about with our heads held high,” AC Milan Coach Filippo Inzaghi

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Here are the declarations of AC Milan Coach Filippo Inzaghi after losing the Serie A Week 3 game, AC Milan 0 – 1 Juventus  on Saturday 20 September 2014 in San Siro.


Inzaghi saying to The Milan Channel:   “We have to start from the fact that we were able to hold our own against Juve, that have immense physical strength. With the desire that we showed tonight we can go far. I didn’t get carried away before, I am realistic, I knew it would have been hard. I cannot say anything to the team: we have to go about with our heads held high. With the desire shown tonight we could go far. We competed, we couldn’t think about reaching the levels of Juve after 2 weeks. We marked a bit too deep, in the second half we were less dangerous in attack, but we had a good reaction after the goal. Let’s think about Tuesday now, we have to play a great match versus Empoli in order to beat them. Menez had a brilliant match today, the defence did very well, the centre backs and the wing backs were excellent. We have to pick ourselves up straight away and give continuity to our results. Let’s pay tribute to Juve that are a top side, but I’m sure that with this hunger and desire we can achieve a lot. We shall see how the recovery goes from this exhausting match both mentally and physically, but I have a good bench and with Empoli I will use fresh legs. I want to thank the fans for their support, they tried to help us achieve a result, but we weren’t able to but we gave it everything.”


During the press conference, Inzaghi  saying, “Bonaventura hasn’t been here long and I couldn’t try him as a wide midfielder in a match like this one against Juventus. I already had in mind the idea of taking off El Shaarawy after 60 minutes. We reacted well after the goal. We accept the verdict from the match and bit by bit we’ll try and cut the gap to Juventus with work. The fact that we were deep was because Pogba played very high up, nearly in line with the forwards. We have to improve on this and to my team I tried to tell them to push up more. However, we limited the opposition forwards well. Llorente didn’t have one shot on goal while Tevez just scored the goal. De Jong helped the central defenders a lot. Gaining a man in front of the defence, we lost a marker in the middle of the pitch. Menez did well in this sense on Marchisio and Bonucci. We tried to stay solid and we took on the match in the right manner but then that episode decided the match. We have to move forward and grow match by match. You put the quality where you have it. We are full of it up front and I put 4 attackers on the pitch, thinking that it would help us draw the match. We have to improve because I know where we started from. I thought that we were further behind Juventus but instead we are a lot nearer to them than I imagined. Against Empoli it won’t be easy. It will be a hard match because Sarri makes his teams play well, but a victory could take us back to the top of the table and follow on from our good performances shown up until now. When they appointed me they asked for the growth of this squad and to get this side back to its levels of the past. I want all of this and I am very motivated. I am happy with the squad that I am working with and when they are all available again I think that we can compete and maybe insert ourselves in the first three positions. Juventus played on Tuesday, they recovered and they have an immense physical strength. We held up well, but it was an exhausting match. The goal took the wind out of our sails, but we were then good at reacting. I’m now only thinking about Empoli. Let’s put this match to one side.”