“Scudetto Chase starts today,” Front Pages, La Gazzetta dello Sport, Corriere dello Sport, and Tutto Sport from Saturday 22 August 2015

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Good morning my friends! Here are the front pages from Italy main Sports newspapers La Gazzetta dello Sport, Corriere dello Sport, and Tutto Sport from Saturday 22 August 2015.   How are you?  I am so happy!  Yep,  the Serie A 2015 – 2016 Season finally starting today!  Wohooooooo  We have 2 games.  Hellas Verona vs AS Roma and Lazio vs Bologna.    Headlines are just wild and expectation for the results are just intriguing as the Scudetto chase is on…..


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La Gazzetta dello Sport
Front Page, Prima Pagina
Saturday 22 August 2015


Ready…go A
The grid of the Gazzetta
Juve in pole, Roma close and Milan the outsider
Season kicks off with the novelty of goal-line technology and limit on squad numbers
Tavecchio warns the Presidents: “It’s the last summer of crazy spending”

At 18
At Verona Toni against the Giallorossi trident

At 20:45
Pioli and Rossi in the challenge of the most beautiful memories

Ranieri has no doubts: “This will be Garcia’s year”

Soriano for Miha, Nocerino for Zenga
Today summit at Forte dei Marmi between Galliani and Ferrero to conclude the deal

Juventus casting for three: Gundogan up, then Draxler and Mkhitaryan

Inter, Melina Wolfsburg stretch it out for Perisic,
Left flank, Ghoulam emerges




Corriere dello Sport
Front Page , Prima Pagina
Saturday 22 August 2015


The show begins and the chase for Juve starts again
Hungry for goals

At 18 Verona – Roma
Immediately there is Dzeko against Toni, Garcia launches Salah

At 20:45 Lazio – Bologna
Kishna with Keita, Pioli wants three points from Delio Rossi

Serie A go…
Bianconeri still in pole, but there’s more balance

Soriano and Perisic: here they come
Today Milan conclude for the Doriano, the Croatian could go to Inter on Monday

Marotta prepares the blitz
Juve between Draxler and Mkhitaryan

Man City, €70 millions for De Bruyne



Tutto Sport
Front Page, Prima Pagina
Saturday 22 August 2015


Glik: “Yes, I will renew with Torino”
Cairo: “Maybe Prcic. As for Amauri…”

Serie A go.. Garcia at Verona then Pioli against Bologna
Roma and Lazio relaunch Scudetto chase

Draxler or Mkhitaryan: the blitz ready in Germany
Juve choose
Marotta wants a big signing by Wednesday
German mission to keep Allegri happy with new and decisive talks with Schalke and Borussia Dortmund
Cuadrado remains in the background
Tomorrow debut at the Stadium with Udinese: Chiellini available, but should start from the bench

Milan won’t stop: Miha will have Soriano and even Mr X
Today Galliani closes with Samp and then will sign another midfielder
It’s the confirmation of the good feeling between Coach and Berlusconi

Nerazzurro relaunch
Perisic, Inter reach €19m and a deal is close

Fantantonio promises: “Samp, no more Cassanate”

Palermo idea, Trotta partner with Gilardino




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