Pogba conveys Juve hunger

The midfielder talks up the team’s desire during this afternoon’s wide-ranging Jtv interview with Laura Barriales: “We play to beat everyone we face and are extremely motivated”

Bianconeri midfielder Paul Pogba underlined the Bianconeri’s hunger to keep winning on Jtv’s ‘Filo Diretto’ this afternoon, one of the many subjects touched on during his chat with presenter Laura Barriales.

Here is a round-up of his interview:


“We don’t just play to beat Roma, we play to beat everyone we face. We’ve got a side capable of going very far and are always extremely motivated. We must take each game at a time because there’s still a long way to go before the season draws to a close.”


“It’s always a tough one. We know that Chievo defend very well, so it’s important for us to be ready for them. The problem we have is teams shutting up shop against us, meaning we have to do even more to break through.”

Favourite goal

“My first goal for Juventus, the one I scored against Napoli at Juventus Stadium, remains my favourite. The most important is always the next one.”

Goal celebration

“My celebration is for my friends in Paris, telling them that I’m still the same guy and I’ll never forget my roots. It’s something I always do and sets me out.”

Ideal player

“My perfect player would have Zidane’s technique and Platini’s precision.”


“Turin’s great as a city. It enables you to stay in the right frame of mind for work and football. It’s a very relaxed city and perfect for relaxing and staying focused.”

Free time

“I like to chill out and watch TV shows like Walking Dead. I’m good mates with Patrice Evra, who was part of the French gang with me at Manchester United, and also hang out with Fernando Llorente a lot. I enjoy spending time with them and occasionally we go out for a bite to eat with the team. It’s important for us to all stick together.”