“Cold Goodbye to Seedorf. Inzaghi Era Starts. Immobile or Balotelli for Italy against England” Front pages La Gazzetta dello Sport, Tutto Sport, and Corriere dello Sport from Tuesday 10 June 2014

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Good morning my friends!    How are you?  I hope you are doing fine. I am very happy this morning getting ready to root for our Italian National team!  Are you?   Here are the front pages from Italy main Sports newspapers La Gazzetta dello Sport, Corriere dello Sport, and Tutto Sport from Tuesday 10 June 2014.
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La Gazzetta dello Sport
Front Page, Prima Pagina
Tuesday 10 June 2014

National team: The friendly game against Fluminense might have mixed up the cards in the attack.

Better Immobile or Balotelli?  The torment has already begun.

Ciro now believes: “Goals always count.”  Mario remains in the lead.  Prandelli does not see them together.  Careca: “For me they are perfect with Cassano.”

Between World Cup and transfer market, it seems a clamorous operation.
Real want Verratti
Ancelotti has asked President Florentino Perez the Azzurri jewel trained at PSG.  His agent will already be in Madrid today for the first talks.

World Cup alarm Chile and Juve
Vidal risks the tournament.  The operated knee continues to give him problems.

World Cup:  Towards a hot debut
Brazil, still more strikes.  San Paolo in chaos: the subway has been stopped for five days.

Milan, Seedorf sacked and it is a cold war.  Inzaghi happy: “My life is here.”

Clarence, sacked via mail, did not take the news well.  And the overlooking statement confirms the problems.  Pippo’s joy: “I will give everything of me.”  They decide for Rami.

Turnover by the Blancos and  here can be an opening.

Morata, Juve push.  He can arrive on loan.

Lega Pro, What a blow for the Lecce coach.
Lerda with a huge ban, the fights costs him seven months.

front page la gazzetta dello sport, tuesday 10 june 2014


Corriere  dello Sport
Front Page, Prima Pagina
Tuesday 10 June 2014

Inzaghi: Milan, it’s fantastic
Seedorf sacked, the Pipo era starts: who dreams Mandzukic

Make Ciro play
Fans, experts kick off a plebiscite for Immobile, but against England, Balotelli will start.
The adversaries: The English are nervous. Hodgson bans words on Italy

Too many news
Web special on our site

De Laurentiis: “We are also in for Candreva.”

Brazil want the Supercoppa match between Juve-Napoli

Fiorentina turnover
Della Valle: “We will keep Cuadrado.”

Macalli: “I will explain to you the new Lega Pro.”

Tutto Sport
Front Page, Prima Pagina
Tuesday 10 June 2014

The explosion of Immobile even with the Azzurri as well puts Juve and Toro’s decision to sell him to Dortmund for €20 million up for discussion.

Prandelli speaks.
“Ciro with Balo? Everything is possible. But it will be difficult.”

Tournament at risk
Chile, anxious for Vidal.  A healer comes up to have him play

Juventus transfer market
From Ancelotti there is the go-ahead for Morata. Go Marotta.

Lombardo: “Drogba with Tevez, what a couple.”

Co-ownership, 30 players worth €37 million.

Martinez presents himself by climbing the Colle.
“Toro, I understood at Superga.”
“The history and the Granata fans are already with me. I am small, but good.  Me and Cerci: fantastic.”

Goodbye in the cold: Will it end here?
AC Milan, not even a thank you for Seedorf. The Inzaghi era begins
Super Pippo evicts his former teammate: “Unforgettable day.”

Ahead for Biabiany.
Jovetic on loan, Inter try again. Meeting for Xhaka
New attempt with City for the ex-Viola striker: all of the details.

Scuffet-Udinese: 2019.
Cellino goes back, stop to the sale of Cagliari to Giulini
Meanwhile Mihajlovic invents the time off in installments.

front page tutto sport tuesday 10 june 2014