Conte: “I have faith in my players, I don’t reject anyone. Our project takes its toll”

After convincingly winning the qualifying group, Conte wanted to face the two best European national teams to evaluate his team’s condition with only two months to go to Euro 2016. “I already said it yesterday: I don’t reject anyone, my players gave their all. The responses I needed came. We had not solved all our problems after the draw against Spain and we haven’t learned from yesterday yet. Everyone, and I really mean everyone, has to stay grounded. We cannot forget where we started; we have to be aware that we have a clear goal. We will see then when the results will come. These last two games were important to calm my nerves.”
“The work we’re doing takes its toll. We have to be aware of what we’ve been through in the last few years. In Serie A there are only 34 players from 100 who can be called up, half the amount than in Lippi’s era. I have called up all the players who deserved it. I have taken some risks in calling up some of them, as I would have liked to have more time to work with them. We have to keep working with this group of players, I have faith in them.”   ]]>