When the Prophet starts to tweet…

MILAN – He was only supposed
to be at headquarters for half an hour but Hernanes
ended up sticking around much longer for
the Twitter initiative #askHernanes. He wanted to respond
personally on his
iPad and enjoyed himself with
the fans, revealing things we didn’t even know ourselves. For
example, his footballing hero was Fluminense’s Felipe Jorge Lourerio, the left-footed
midfielder also known as ‘The Maestro’.

He’s a music fan and listens
to gospel in particular. His number, 88, should be read as a double 8. He’s a
family man in his free time, but during the day he’s highly focused on his work
and always looking to make improvements. His ability to strike the ball with
either foot isn’t a natural gift, but rather something he worked hard to achieve, training with his left until he was just as comfortable shooting with it as
he is with his right.

He doesn’t define himself as
religious, but someone for whom religion is a belief and a lifestyle. He’s
dreamed about Inter’s treble and it seemed incredible to him that a team could
win so much. He recalls all the players from that side, and in particular
Zanetti, Julio Cesar, Milito and Sneijder.

Thanks to everyone who took part in Inter’s new initiative!