Vecchi: “Development and results, the best route to success”

PINZOLO – The Nerazzurri’s new Primavera coach Stefan Vecchi met the media this afternoon. He was joined in the press room by his assistant Luca Facchetti and youth academy director Roberto Samaden. Samaden was the first to address the media: “We’re here today to talk about the Primavera, to talk young players. This is a hot topic these days. The main issue for a youth academy is having enough players graduate to the first team. Inter have always been ahead in this area, thanks in a large part to the work of Piero Ausilio. I want you to understand the importance the word ‘project’ carries for us: this is not just in terms of the Primavera but also with our younger sides. We’re focused on our aim of getting the most out of our young players and giving them the best chance of making it in the professional game. “Stefano Vecchi’s appointment is a big step in this direction. He is a coach with a lot of experience, including in the professional game. Our aim is to prepare youngsters for that level, ideally here at Inter. At least that’s what we hope to achieve. Vecchi has achieved a lot over the course of his career and we want to see our young players progress. He’s the right person to lead us forward. I would like to thank him for how open he’s been to new ideas. He’s been enthusiastic about his new position right from day one. Alongside me is Luca Facchetti, a sign of continuity and not just because he’s the son of the unforgettable Giacinto.” What’s the main job for the Primavera coach at a big club like Inter?
“Lots of people want the position. I believe that the Nerazzurri academy set-up is one of the best in Italy, if not the best. My job is to consolidate two things: the results that everyone wants me from but also develop players. I will do everything I can to help these youngsters and I hope to aid them in their development. I hope that we can achieve results and bring players along, that’s the best approach.” Will you play with the same system as the first team so you can facilitate players potentially moving into Mazzarri’s first team squad?
“We’ll do whatever the first team wants. The coach has said he wants to try and change formation so I have no specific instructions with regards to tactics. The only thing that I wish to highlight is that I want to see intensity, a hallmark of all of Mazzarri’s teams.” Can the young players here at the training camp provide the spine of the Primavera team?
“They’re definitely big talents. It would be great if that happens and I hope that comes to pass. I hope to have them available for selection.” What changes for you with this new position, in terms of your approach moving from professional football to the academy?
“I won’t know that for a couple of months, it’s still too soon to say. They’ve told me to prepare the lads, I’ll work in the same way I always do and in terms of relationships I don’t expect too much to change given that I’ve already worked with a lot of youngsters in Lega Pro.” Samaden, at this time, based on the new approach taken by president Thohir, how focused are you on the fact that the academy needs to produce better players as opposed to make money?
“I hope to continue the work we’ve done in the past, by developing top young players. I hope I don’t see any of these six lads here in Pinzolo with Mazzarri back in the Primavera because that will mean they’ve graduated to the first team. You’ll have to ask the club the rest. My job is to develop them as people and football players.” How can we revolutionise football?
Vecchi: “We need to focus on every aspect of a player’s development. We often look abroad but I think a player needs to be developed 100% and not just in terms of their football ability. With young footballers I notice they think they’ve made it once they’ve left the academy but they need to earn everything with hard work on the pitch. Our partnership with Prato gives us somewhere for our young players to develop under the stewardship of an Inter man in the shape of Vincenzo Esposito.” Facchetti: “I agree with what’s been said. I’ve only recently begun coaching and so I don’t have vast experience but I played for many years in Serie C and I know that breaking into the first team is a crucial step. We need to prepare the lads well.” Who are your coaching idols, who do you look up to?
“I try to learn a little from everyone. It’s right to have people you look up to: there are some good, intelligent coaches both in terms of those who have won a lot and those who haven’t. I’d say Mazzarri: I’ve got loads of videos of his Reggina side at home. Then there’s Zeman, Mourinho and others who, in different ways, managed to implement different ideas but that are all very valid.”