Thohir: “We�re building a project with Mazzarri”

MILAN – Before heading to Appiano Gentile, president Erick Thohir spoke with journalists waiting for him outside the Inter headquarters in the centre of Milan. 
This is what he had to say:
President Thohir, are you going to Appiano Gentile? What will you say to the team?
"Well, I’ll be in Pinetina in a couple of hours and I’ll say hello to the team and the coach. The games in Italy are not easy, but it’s important for us to earn points. I don’t know how many. It could be one or three. But what counts is getting them."
Yesterday Mazzarri stated that, in his career, he has never had a team that was built to win a league title. So will that team be Inter next year? 
"Well, I think we already have a couple of good players this season. But of course we need to add a few more to compete in the Serie A and in Europe. I think he’s a good coach, very focused and disciplined. It’s good to have him at Inter and we want to build something together."
You stated that either Dzeko, Morata or Torres would be good for Inter. So will one of them be the next forward to arrive? 
"No, I mentioned only what I read in the media. It was the media that mentioned those players. And what I said was basically that if one of them were to join then it would be good. When we talk about transition it deals not only with business but also the club, sales and marketing. It’s one of the strategies that deals with how we manage on the business side. And then all the corporations around the world work with the banks."