The children of Israel and Palestine, united by the game

TEL AVIV – If a miracle were to happen, what better place than the Holy
Land? After much diplomatic work, and respecting the decisions of everyone
involved, there was finally a small tournament on neutral ground featuring the
following participants: children of African refugees from South Tel Aviv, kibbutz
children, and kids from Israeli-Arab and Palestinian-Arab towns.

After first being visited in their respective areas, the children then
took part in a separate activity, although on the same ground (made possible
also in part by the invaluable assistance of Mr. Buma). Later, thanks to some
fortunate organisation, it became a joint activity on the entire pitch.

It was a worthy ending for the Inter Campus visit, which had already got
off to a great start with the invitation of children from South Tel Aviv to
Maccabi Tel Aviv’s well-manicured pitch. The kids also got to meet coach Paulo
Sousa, who had a distinguished career in Italian football. Inter Campus and
Maccabi Tel Aviv both feel the same passion when it comes to working together
to help the African refugee children living in the marginalised outskirts of
the city.

The activity was undertaken in cooperation with the Yasha Maknouz and
Jasmine Seror’s Ghetton Association. They are opening up new possibilities where
unfortunately many doors have been closed for the kids. However, Inter Campus
always manages to find partners who are able to rise to the challenge.