Ten thousand and counting

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WASHINGTON D.C. – A hundred clubs and 10,000 members. These are the impressive figures that the Inter Club Coordination Centre has delivered just two weeks after the launch of its membership campaign. They are a reflection of the Nerazzurri fans’ passion, which is renewed year after year without fail, and also the great expectation surrounding a season that promises to be an exciting one.

Which are the Inter Clubs with the most members so far? In Italy, it’s Inter Club Cambiasso in Taranto, with 217 members, whilst Inter Club Malta is the biggest overseas group of Interisti with 254 members. It’s still only the beginning though. The wave of Nerazzurri support is gathering speed and this year looks set to reach new heights.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the terms of the Inter Club offer.

All members receive the 2014/15 season welcome kit, which includes a club raincoat (for members over the age of 18), a flat peak baseball cap (for members between the ages of 18 and 6) and a mini-football for very young members.

Your Inter Club membership card will also entitle you to:
– members-only ticket sales staff
– discounted season tickets
– the “siamo noi” card (to be issued from the offices of the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza)
– tickets for away games in Europe
– reduced-price replica shirts
– discounts on official merchandise
– free tickets for members
– in-stadium activities for Under 14s
– discounts with Inter’s partners and sponsors
– discount on admission to the San Siro museum
– discount on enrolment to Inter football schools
– specially dedicated staff and a members-only entrance on match-days

That’s not all:
There’s also the chance to visit the Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti, to enjoy access to the hospitality areas in the stands of the San Siro, to use the hospitality areas during the summer offseason and to attend exclusive events during the season.

All of this shows that Inter is much “MORE THAN A PASSION”. A passion that thanks to the Inter Clubs can truly be experienced “TOGETHER”.