Special lessons with kids of Inter Campus Hungary

BUDAPEST – Inter Campus returned to Hungary in the fall and once again encountered the extraordinary Andrea and Yildico, representatives of our local partner Love is the Answer (www.love-is-the-answer.com). There have been some important changes since our previous visit, regarding both the centre in Budapest and that of Szendrolad. 

Johnny Keitaro Cloward, a liaison for the Cseppko halfway house in Budapest and someone who had been an Inter Campus coordinator there for quite some time, decided to end his experience in Hungary and return to the United States. Inter Campus thanks him for all he’s done and wishes him the best in his new adventure in Los Angeles. Now helping out Krisztian, who has become famous for his reliability on the pitch and with the kids, will be Csaba Zsolnay. Csaba grew up at the Cseppko halfway house and is therefore highly capable of relating to its children and their needs. 

The other big development concerns the Szendrolad staff. Gabor, a representative of the Magyar hills centre, greeted us with the fantastic news that he had been elected mayor. On the part of the entire Inter Campus staff, we send him our heartfelt congratulations; may we continue to count on him as a coach. This great news could not make Inter Campus any prouder for the Szendrolad project and for what our local partner provides. 

Despite the drop in temperatures, activities continue in both centres thanks to the possibility of carrying out training in enclosed gymnasiums. Unfortunately the space is different compared to that of the open air, but it in no way diminishes the enthusiasm of the children and their desire to play together wearing the blue and black.

Finally, a special thanks goes out to the entire staff of the Cseppko halfway house, and in particular to its director Krisztian, for having included the Inter Campus delegation in the 50th anniversary celebrations.